What is an appraisal?

A common practice in real estate and now an industry requirement is for a sales consultant to give you an estimated Current Market Appraisal (CMA) of what your house is worth. This should use examples of similar properties to yours that have sold recently as well as what is on the market currently.

What services do you provide within your standard commission rates, and what charges are not included?

The services provided with standard commission charges include the following:

  1. Administration paper work regarding the formal listing and relevant property information including title searches and preparation of marketing material including brochures. The preparation of sale and purchase agreement for consideration.

  2. Photography including high level drone pictures.

  3. The placement of signage at the property.

  4. Posting of the property as a Premium feature to Trademe, Real Estate.co.nz and www.mre.nz websites.

  5. Making property inspections with prospective purchasers along with holding planned open home events.

  6. Other charges outside of the above could include advertising in regional newspapers such as the Waikato Times, NZ Herald or the Herald on Sunday. I don’t see value or the necessity to do this type of advertising as nearly all clients seeking property now use the internet as their primary connection.

If we accept a proposal from you for a sole agency agreement will you act in the best interests of the owners if another agent, outside of that agreement, has a client interested in the property?

Matamata Real Estate invite all other agents to introduce clients to their vendors properties. This ensures the best buyer is not missed and gives the vendors comfort in knowing that any buyer has an equal opportunity to purchase their property without any Real Estate office internal protocols around introduction.

Why should we choose your company to sell this property?

Matamata Real Estate performs above their industry peers and the Principal, Joanne Morgan has been selling Real Estate for nearly 20 years in Matamata. Clients engage with Matamata Real Estate for their personable demeanor, professional ethics and their known openness in allowing all buyers including clients working with other agents access to their listings.

Matamata Real Estate provides a high level of reporting to vendors making sure they are aware of all activity related to their property. This is done by way of written reports and regular telephone contact.

Will you work for the owners, to achieve the best outcome for them?

Matamata Real Estate are committed vendors agents and have their business based on the best outcomes for their vendors.

What advantages will a sole agency with you provide, that will exceed a listing limited to two agents?

A sole listing ensures a controlled selling environment in terms of marketing material and buyer information around value. It ensures a high level of service and vendor feedback. As Matamata Real Estate makes all of its listings open to other agencies from listing, there are no potential lost opportunities from buyers due to other office stand down periods with sole agencies.

A significant portion of sales in Matamata are coming from Auckland. How do you tap into that interest?

Matamata Real Estate has an extensive database and highly ranked website which is constantly attracting buyers from the Auckland region. The brand name and the people are synonymous with the area and as a result ensures exceptional exposure to our clients properties.

What is the REA?

The Real Estate Authority (REA) is the independent, government regulatory body for the real estate industry in New Zealand. They effectively police those who are licensed to practice in this business under the Act in the capacity of an Agency (Agent) or associated licensee.